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Locust Grove Bible Institute
Why start a bible institute?
LGBI stems from the desire for theological education to be reconnected to the local church. Along with connecting the bible institute to the local church, LGBI seeks to provide greater accessibility for those not able to access such theological education. Therefore all courses are free and designed for student from all levels of education.

Why do we not charge a fee for the Institute or material?
LGBI seeks to provide God’s people with the best resources and a quality Christian education free of charge in order to glorify God and edify the body of Christ.  

LGBI is a church-based bible institute that exists to bring in-depth, God-centered biblical Christian education free of charge to all people seeking to be transformed by the renewing of their mind. 

"The transformation of theology into an academic
 discipline more associated with the university than 
the church has been one of the most lamentable
 developments of the last several centuries.” 
Albert Mohler

What does it mean to be “church-based”?
First, it means that a local church, Locust Grove Baptist Church, gives oversight to the institute. Second, it means academic training should take place in the context of local church ministry. Third, mentoring relationships with local church leaders can provide for an edifying training experience.

Who is LGBI for?
Given the nature of the school, the courses are not designed for those seeking a seminary level theological education. LGBI is designed for those who have never had any formal theological training. This does not mean that the courses will not have the depth of a major college or seminary, but the goal of the school is to reach those who either do not have the time or money necessary to go to a major university or seminary. LGBI is for the Sunday school teacher, high school student, deacon, or any other Christian person seeking to honor God with all their heart, soul, MIND, and strength. If you have always wanted to go to a Bible school but never thought you could actually do it, LGBI is for you. If you want to go deeper into the Scripture, be challenged in your thinking, and be equipped to answer the critics and skeptics, LGBI is for you.

How does LGBI work?s
The LGBI curriculum is centered on 12 core subjects that seek to cover every major doctrine and theological distinctive in the Christian faith. These 12 courses are divided up into six 10 week semesters. These semesters are on a three year cycle in order that each student can start the three year program at any time and still take all twelve courses. There are two classes each semester at 6 pm every Thursday. The core curriculum is given below:

Core Curriculum
First year
1st semester- New Testament Survey
Hermeneutics (Bible study methods)
2nd semester-Old  Testament Survey 
Theology Proper (A study of the attributes of God)

Second year
3rd semester-Systematic Theology 1
Church History
4th semester-Systematic Theology 2
The Gospel of the Kingdom (A biblical study of the Kingdom of God)

Third year
5th semester-Practical Theology (Putting theology into practice)
Apologetics (Defending the Faith)
6th semester- Soteriology (The study of the nature of salvation)
Faith and Culture

Special emphasis
The courses are practical in nature, since practical application, obedience, and holy living seem to be our biggest struggles in the Christian life. Many people tend to take a course in a mechanical way: getting the 'head-knowledge' without a change in the life. Therefore the courses are designed to encourage the student toward understanding and obeying the truth, rather than memorizing information. To this end, the courses are heart-searching, challenging to the conscience, and practical in encouraging holy living.

We try to avoid the standard didactic approach often used exclusively in formal colleges and seminaries, which uses deduction from a hypothesis to a conclusion only, and can become overly dependent on the intellect to the exclusion of the working of the Holy Spirit.

What about grades and accreditation?
The emphasis in all courses is understanding and application of the truth. Grades can weaken the spiritual impact, leading to reliance on self verses God. The Bible Institute is unaccredited by men, and does not issue diplomas or certificates. Instead, the courses are offered solely for winning the approval of God, as He does a work in our hearts to transform us into the image of Christ.

To register for classes, you may call or email Matt Ward at 214-477-8962 or phil121matt@aol.com.

Special thanks and recognition must be given to Mt. Zion Bible Church in Pensacola Fl. for the inspiration for LGBI and its literature ministry. Mt. Zion has been reaching God’s people with classic Christ centered literature since 1979 through Chapel Library, their ministry that provides free classic Christian literature printed on-site at their Church. Mt. Zion Bible Institute is also a ministry of Mt. Zion. Locust Grove shares the same vision for Christian education to be reconnected to the local Church and we thank Mt. Zion for allowing us to utilize their material.

More information about the ministries of Mt. Zion Bible Church can be found at www.chapellibrary.org